FairTax meets COFFERS: Joint Perspectives on Fair and Sustainable Taxation

28. 7. 2017 -

The EU confronts persistent inequalities in income, wealth and opportunity and between generations, gender and regions. One common underlying factor is deficiencies in fiscal systems. FairTax aims to produce recommendationshow fair and sustainable taxation and social policy reforms can increase the economic stability of EU Member States. COFFERS identifies deficiencies and opportunities for upgrading in tax law, tax policy development, and tax administration.

Location: The Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic, at Rue Caroly 15, 1050 Brussels

Program and other information are here. For more information, please contact Meeting Coordinators Danuse Nerudová: d.nerudova@seznam.cz or Margit Schratzenstaller: margit.schratzenstaller@wifo.ac.at