Essay Challenge 2017

8. 8. 2017 -

odkaz na stránky CEEPUS, kde lze po přihlášení vložit esej 


In order to further promote joint activities between CEEPUS and the business sector in the Danube Region, the Central CEEPUS Office has started a cooperation with the German media agency localglobal specializing in this field under the project title “edubiz” and “danubiz”.

On the occasion of the Automotive Fair in Budapest, Oct 18 - 20, 2017, the Central CEEPUS Office has launched an Essay Challenge on the future of driving on our website. Both students and teachers are warmly invited to participate. Entries will be published on our website and the Edubiz Magazine 2017. Deadline is Sep 25, 2017.

Topic 1: Traffic in 20 years from now! What is your vision? Do you have any ideas about the traffic of the future? Will there be selfdriving cars, traffic drones or something entirely dierent? How will these developments shape daily life? Are you concerned about new traffic solutions? Are you looking forward to new traffic options?

 Topic 2: Robots! What comes to your mind? Are you fascinated or apprehensive? Which new fields for the use of robots do you foresee? Should there be rules governing the relationship between robots and humans? If so, which?